divid-, divis-

(Latin: to separate; a separation)

divisional (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to anything that splits something into two or more parts or sections: The divisional line on the highway indicates which lanes people are to drive in when passing another vehicle.
divisive (adjective), more divisive, most divisive
Characteristic of a tendency to cause strong disagreement between people that results in discord and dissension: The highly divisive issue of abortion is resulting in strong arguments between those who are for ir and those who are strongly against it.
Relating to causing discord and dissention between people.
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A reference to causing disagreement and antagonism.
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divisiveness (s) (noun) (no plural form)
A disunity, a discord, or disagreements: Sophia's divisiveness in the meeting resulted in a cancellation of the project.
individual (s) (noun), individuals (pl)
1. A single person or someone who is considered separate from the rest of a group: An opposing political organization is against the government action which diminishes the rights of the individual supposedly for the public good.

Everyone deserves to be recognized as an individual.

2. A particular person: Fay is a very talented individual who is striving to improve her education and practical experiences in order to enhance her professional career.

Helena asked Bruce if he was the individual that she had spoken to on the phone.

3. A sole member of part of a unit: The markings on the fingers, or finger prints, are unique to each individual.
4. Etymology: a single thing; later, a single person; from Medieval Latin individualis; from Latin individuus, "inseparable" (in, "not" + dividuus, "divisible"; from dividere, "to divide").
individual (adjective), more individual, most individual
1. Relating to or existing as one affiliate or part of a larger association: Lorna's doctor carefully evaluated her individual needs before the operation.

The educational institution was making every effort to provide as much individual attention for students as possible.

The school has made arrangements so students can apply for more individual tutoring, if they want it.

The author divided the book into individual chapters.

2. Intended or designed for one person: The waitress served individual choices of deserts to the diners.
individualism (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. A habit or a principle of being independent and self-reliant: Brian was always trying to maintain his individualism by learning to make personal decisions for his life and not to be controlled by others.
2. A theory of socially favoring freedom of action for each person instead of a collective or a government control: Janine and her parents strongly felt that her individualism meant that she would have the freedom to decide which university she would go to and that she could choose the vocation that suited her without it being decided or determined by others.

"Individualism is a theory that one person is as good as another one, and sometimes is a great deal better."

individualist (s) (noun), individualists (pl)
Anyone who lives without being concerned or controlled by what other people will think: The vocational counselor encouraged Alfred to be an individualist by starting a business that he personally felt would improve the efficiency of saving data and making it easier for users to understand and to access information on the internet.

"An independent man who tries to keep the government from taking care of him.

—Evan Esar
individuality (s) (noun), individualities (pl)
A quality or situation that makes a person or something different from all of the others in the same affiliation: Rosetta uses her hair style to express her individuality at her high school.

The actor's individuality made him and his films more interesting to his fans.

"No member of a crew is praised for the rugged individuality of his rowing."

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The qualities that make any two children different; especially, if one is younger than the other one."

individualize (verb), individualizes; individualized; individualizing
To make something or someone different from other similar things or situations: Alisa was encouraged to individualize the characters in the novel that she was writing.

It took awhile to achieve, but Roy worked to individualize his web site so it would appeal to more than one age group, including both teenagers and older visitors.

individualized (adjective), more individualized, most individualized
1. A reference to what is suitable for a particular person: The local hospital provides individualized care for its patients.
2. Characteristic of or relating to something that a person desires or wants to have personal access to: Some educational web sites are set up to provide more individualized learning programs than anything that is usually available in public schools.

The pharmacist gave his customers the most individualized service possible on the internet and in his drug store.

indivisibility (s) (noun), indivisibilities (p)
The nature of something that cannot be divided or portioned into different parts or pieces: The philosopher claims that he believes in the indivisibility of the soul and the mind.
indivisible (adjective) (not comparable)
1. In mathematics, characterized by not being able to be separated evenly without a remainder: The teacher asked her students to identify an indivisible equation; such as, 8 divided by 3.
2. Conveying a condition of not being able to be separated: The president of the university determined that the indivisible organization of the sports department must be respected.
indivisibly (adverb), more indivisibly, most indivisibly
Characterized as being inseparable: Jason and Mona have a friendship that is indivisibly strong and they don't expect it to change.
nondivisible (adjective) (not comparable)
Descriptive of something which can't be parted into pieces or broken into segments: The little girl told her friend that she had a nondivisible cookie because it was too small to break up except in her mouth.
pelagic division (s) (noun), pelagic divisions (pl)
A body of water or a realm which includes areas of water at all depths: The research vessel was studying the pelagic division of the North Atlantic Ocean.