(Greek > Latin: to recollect, to remember; act of recalling; to recall to memory; to remind of past events)

preminisce (verb), preminisces; preminisced; preminiscing
To think about something that a person is planning to do in the future: Sharon was preminiscing about the work she would have to complete at the office.
reminisce (rem" uh NIS) (verb), reminisces; reminisced; reminiscing
1. To talk or to write about events remembered from the past: Old friends like to reminisce about the "good old days".
2. To recollect and to share previous experiences or events: Professor George was compiling a book and he was reminiscing about his many observations as an anthropologist and what he learned about African tribes over the years.
3. Etymology: from Latin reminisci, "remember, recall to mind"; from re-, "again" + -miniscim, from the root of mens, "mind".
To talk, think, or write about events that happened in the past.
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To recall events that took place previously in one's life.
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reminiscence (rem" uh NIS uhns) (s) (noun), reminiscences (pl)
1. The recollection of earlier experiences or events as presented in speech or writing: The politician presented many reminiscences in his autobiography which were of great interest to his voters.
2. An association or events which are remembered from previous times: When friends meet for the first time in years and talk about their younger days, they discuss the reminiscences of those good and not-so-good activities that they had together.
3. The ability to perform a task or to look back on issues better than was possible when it was taught: As a journalist, Sam's reminiscence of how to write more interesting articles resulted when he had more experience as a reporter and incorporated the responses that he had from his readers.
reminiscent (rem" uh NIS uhnt) (adjective), more reminiscent, most reminiscent
1. Relating to the tendency or the activity of thinking back to something that is remembered before: During the family reunion of the brothers, they were reminiscing about their childhood experiences while they were going to school and the family trips that they enjoyed together.

Jane's difficulty in getting a good job, after graduating from the university, was reminiscent of the time when her older brother was going through the same experiences.

2. A reference to anything that brings to mind things that happened before: When Jim, a middle-aged man saw a little swimming hole, he told his son, "This place is a reminder of my reminiscent times when I was a young kid playing with my friends."

The following cartoon is just one example of an existing reminiscent experience.

To bring up something that happened in the past.
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reminiscential (rem" uh nis SEN sins uhl) (adjective), more reminiscential, most reminiscential
Characteristic of thinking about what has been experienced sometime in one's life: Yesterday, when Leonard was returning home on a bus after shopping, he happened to sit next to a woman who was a retiree of the same company he had worked with and so they had a lot of reminiscential things to talk about before she got off at her destination.
reminiscentially (rem" uh nis SENS uh li) (adverb), more reminiscentially, most reminiscentially
A description of an act or a process of recalling past experiences or activities: Ted’s wife said, "Your medical problems in the hospital are reminiscentially exactly the same as those that Mike had when he was there last year."
reminiscently (rem" uh nis SENT suh li) (adverb), more reminiscently, most reminiscently
A reference to sharing past experiences with others: Jacob spoke reminiscently with his teachers about his weeks of driving in several countries in Europe during his summer vacation.
reminiscer (rem" uh NIS suhr) (s) (noun), reminiscers (pl)
Someone who thinks about the past or those who remember events and situations that have existed over the years: Mark was an elderly reminiscer who thought about the times when he was on friendly terms with Gertrude, a grandmother now, when they were elementary students in school a longtime ago.

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