Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): NATO

(RFID is being extended in NATO)

NATO set to upgrade its RFID network from current 2005 levels

A contract to upgrade the current RFID system calls for purchase of additional active tags and readers as well as network wide software enhancements to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) supply chain, stretching from the Netherlands and Germany through Uzbekistan to Kabul in Afghanistan.

  • The objective is to upgrade the network so that member nations can use their own tracking systems for national consignments while enabling them to be interoperable with NATO’s RF network for multi-national, joint force operations.
  • The upgrades include installation of the newly released Savi Smart-Chain Consignment Management Solution (CMS), which will enable NATO to maintain nearly real-time supply chain management and visibility capabilities, and will provide an interoperable solution for member nations to share information on both national and joint multi-national consignments.
  • The new NATO contract calls for additional units of readers to be placed at key transportation nodes along the ISAF Network, where more tags are to be affixed to containers and air pallets, and for a network wide software upgrade.
—Source of information came from Savi Technology.

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