Nanotechnology and Anticipated Advancements

(varied potential advancements in nanotechnology innovations)

A wide range of applications for nanotechnology is anticipated

Improvements to computing, sensing, communications, data storage, and display capacities.

  • Included in such improvements are automatic extraction of information from raw data, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.
  • Substantial contribution toward energy independence for the United States and other energy-consuming nations, both from ecologically sound production of energy and from a reduction in the demand for energy caused by a host of efficiencies facilitated by nanotachnology.
  • Advanced, high-performance robotics relying on nanoscale components, leading to the creation of new medical devices, smart unmanned platforms for deep space exploration, and combat vehicles with minimal risk to human crews.
  • Composite materials with a high strength-to-weight ratio, facilitating very-high-performance space launchers and fighter aircraft that achieve low life-cycle costs.
  • New biomedical solutions for chronic diseases, new drugs and targeted drug delivery, and visualization of key biological processes within the human body.
  • Affordable nanoscale miniaturized medical diagnostic and treatment devices that contribute to increased longevity with greater comfort, activity and productivity, easing medical hardships, pain, suffering, and disabilities.
  • Protection for people in hazardous environments; such as, soldiers on the battlefield, including clothing that incorporates nanoscale devices to constantly monitor physiological vital signs, warnings of exposure to harmful chemicals, adjustments for environmental stresses, providing camouflage that matches changing backgrounds and lighting conditions, and even provide first-aid casualty responses.
—National Science and Technology Council (NSTC),
Subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering, and Technology (NSET)

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