(Latin: formido, "terror"; causing fear, terrible; to dread, to fear)

formidability (s) (noun), formidabilities (pl)
1. The quality of being difficult to accomplish or to deal with: Fighting and surviving the terrible fires in California in 2017 and 2020 have been the worst formidabilities the state has ever experienced before.
2. The caliber of something that is large and impressive in size or amount: As a computer technician, James has proven that he has mastered the formidabilities involved with setting up many efficient electronic devices for storing and processing data systems with several big companies, as well as training the individuals who must work with them.
formidable (FOHR mi duh buhl, fohr MID uh buhl) (adjective), more formidable, most formidable
1. Descriptive of something which is difficult to deal with or to overcome: Preparing for war is a formidable task for any country.
2. Relating to something which inspires respect or wonder because of size, strength, or ability: Shirley exhibited a formidable display of skill whenever she worked with her computer.
3. A reference to the anxiety of fear, dread, or alarm: A fratricide, or the killing of one's brother, became a formidable concern by the killer's sister because the murderer still had not been apprehended by the police.
4. Etymology: from Latin formidabilis from formidare, "to fear, to dread".
Relating to causing fear or being felt as dangerous.
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formidableness (FOHR mi duh buhl ness) (noun), formidablenesses (pl)
1. A quality that discourages an approach or an attack: Two dogs have formidablenesses that have protected Frank and his family from burglars while other neighbors have suffered from such abuses many times.
2. Something that inspires awe or wonder and which excites attention or admiration: The author of a book about the technical advances throughout the centuries had a formidableness that no one has ever come close to achieving before.
formidably (adverb), more formidably, most formidably
Relating to how fear or respect for something or someone is brought about as a result of being impressive, powerful, or difficult: Sharon was beautiful and a formidably intelligent and experienced executive of her company.
informidable (adjective), more informidable, most informidable
A reference to someone or a condition that is not to be feared or dreaded: The residence where Sally and her family lived was a result of having good informidable neighbors.
nonformidability (s) (noun), nonformidabilities (pl)
An easy way to overcome, to adjust, or to undertake a project or situation: James was often able to learn more than other students thanks to the nonformidability of his determination to do his best.
nonformidable (adjective), more nonformidable, most nonformidable
A reference to something which is easier to accomplish because there are fewer obstacles and more help from other sources: Clearing away the debris after the strong hurricane was a nonformidable task in Joe's locality because so many volunteers from other areas, as well as government agencies, came to assist the people who were suffering as a result of the severe storm.
nonformidableness (s) (noun) (no plural)
That which does not cause concern and so it doesn't prevent others from making opposing actions: The official leader of his nation declared that a nonformidableness of preparing to protect his country could lead to attacks by military aggressors from other places.