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Health: Air Purification
The challenges of indoor air pollution.
Health: Alcohol and Brain Alterations
The dangers of alcohol to the brain and bodily functions.
Health: Bad Breath
Causes of Bad Breath bad breath.
Health: Oxytocin Is Found to Have Benefits
Inhaling oxytocin can result in positive reactions.
Health: Pedicure and Bacterial Infection
Itching spots on legs have turned into ulcerated sores from some salons that have been using whirlpool spas that soothe feet prior to a pedicure.
Health: Salmonella from Pets to Humans
Pets can transfer salmonella to humans.
Health: Stress Considerations
How to deal with stress.

Learning more about healthy living and ailments that need curing.

Health and the Immunity Connection

Our immune system is our body's legacy from centuries of evolution and it is a multipart, many-tiered, and unbelievably sophisticated system by which our bodies are able to naturally resist disease and infection by fighting off invading bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that surround us constantly in our potentially hostile environment.

Actions can be taken to enhance our body's natural immune system and make it as strong as it possibly can be with proper diet, vitamins, exercise, and common sense. These will contribute to our body's defense systems to ward off and fight off simple illnesses; such as, the common cold and the flu. Even more complex illnesses; such as, rheumatoid arthritis and even AIDS can be controlled or defeated with the immunity our bodies can develop.

Enhancing our bodies with immune systems is most important to health

Having a healthy body does not mean that we should throw away medical history and its advances. It is about using all the natural nutritional devices that we can take advantage of to enhance and strengthen our bodies with immune systems and to show how we can use these in conjunction with the developments of modern science.

The problem with modern-day medicine, a problem that is acknowledged by many medical educators and thinkers themselves, is that it is a reactive treatment after we become ill. Instead of focusing on the prevention of illness, modern medicine, and all its arsenal of pharmaceutical weapons, focuses on the disease after it invades the body and goes into battle with the immune system.

Preventive health is more important than medicinal treatment

The age of antibiotics is fast coming to an end. Because of their great numbers, viruses and bacteria have quickly evolved resistant strains for almost every major manmade paharmaceutical. Positive preventive health is becoming more and more important.

The most powerful weapons we have to strengthen our bodily resistance to illness are our minds, the food we eat, the exercises we participate in, and proper rest. Every major and minor disease eventually becomes a disease of the immune system, because the immune system incorporates the body's total response to illness; from early warning, to full-scale battle, to a state of siege.

Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings.

—Publilius Syrus (85 BC-43BC, Roman writer

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