caut- +

(Latin: wary, careful, heedful; be on one's guard, to take heed; from cavere, to look out, to beware)

Non incautus futuri. (Latin motto)
Translation: "Not unmindful of the future."

A motto that is based on the one that appears on the Lee (or Le) family crest, Ne incautus futuri, of the Washington and Lee University located in Virginia, USA. and is said to be referenced often in public events at the university.

precaution (s) (noun), precautions (pl)
1. An action exercised beforehand to provide against mischief or to secure good results; prudent foresight: The children were taught normal precautions about crossing streets.
2. A caveat given before danger actually threatens: The engineer issued a precaution to the workers to wear specialised boots when on the new worksite.
1. The foresight to protect against possible harm or trouble or to limit damage if something goes wrong.
2. An action taken in advance to protect against possible danger, failure, or injury; a safeguard.
precautious (adjective); more precautious, most precautious
Descriptive of an activity undertaken to prevent or to avoid an incident or accident: Waiting for the crossing signal as a pedestrian is an appropriate precautious action to avoid a casualty.
uncautelous, uncautious
Incautious, unwary.