caut- +

(Latin: wary, careful, heedful; be on one's guard, to take heed; from cavere, to look out, to beware)

cautel, cautility
1. A crafty device, artifice, stratagem; a trick, sleight, deceit.
2. Cunning, craftiness, wiliness, trickery.
3. A precaution; in Law, etc.; an exception, restriction, or reservation made for precaution's sake.
4. A caution or direction for the proper administration of the sacraments; especially in cautels of the Mass.
5. In its verb form: To devise cunningly or craftily.
Care; caution; vigilance; prevision.
1. Full of cautels; deceitful, crafty, artful, wily.
2. Cautious, wary, heedful, circumspect.
1. Craftily, deceitfully, artfully.
2. Cautiously, warily, circumspectly.
In the civil and French law, security given for the performance of anything; bail; a bond or undertaking by way of surety. Also the person who becomes a surety.
cautio usufructuaria
Security, that tenants for life give, to preserve the property rented free from waste and injury.
1. Careful forethought.
2. A warning; admonishment.
3. To warn against danger.
4. A word of warning; a caveat, monition; a hint or advice to anyone to take heed.
1. Of, pertaining to, of the nature of a pledge or security; held in pledge, or as a security or hostage.
2. Of the nature of, or conveying, a caution or admonition; warning, admonitory.
Distinguished or marked by caution; heedful, wary, careful, circumspect: said of persons, their conduct, and acts.
In a cautious manner, with caution; warily, heedfully, carefully, circumspectly.
1. The trait of being cautious.
2. Being attentive to possible danger.
incautelous, incautelously, incautelousness
Incautious, unwary, heedless.
Incautiously, heedlessly.
incautious, incautiously
Not cautious; wanting in caution; careless, heedless, unwary, rash.
Ne incautus futuri. (Latin motto)
Translation: "Not incautious of the future."

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