fest-, -fest

(Latin: seize, to be seized; capable of being seized)

infest (verb), infests; infested; infesting
To invade or to inhabit a place by an excessively large number of animals or insects: During the summer, the trees in Mike's backyard were infested with caterpillars.
To be overrun with too many creatures.
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manifest (verb), manifests; manifested; manifesting
1. To show or to demonstrate plainly; to reveal: The prosecutor at the trial was able to manifest evidence that proved the accused was guilty of the crime.
2. To record a ship's list of cargo or passengers it is carrying on a ship or an aircraft: The captain's assistant manifested an invoice of goods that had been brought aboard for transportation to another destination.
3. Etymology: originally, "that which can be seized by the hand"; compounded of Latin manus, "hand" and -festus, "capable of being seized".
manifestation (s) (noun), manifestations (pl)
1. An act of showing or demonstrating something: In Bram Stocker’s novel, Dracula is the manifestation of a completely evil, villainous, and ghastly character.

Eve's voluntary work with the homeless people were a manifestation of her compassionate nature.

2. An indication of the existence, reality, or presence of something: A high fever can be an early manifestation of certain diseases.
3. An occurrence in which a ghost or spirit of a dead person appears: Some people had the feeling that there were ghostly manifestations in the graveyard when they walked by it late at night.
manifestly (adverb), more manifestly, mosr manifestly
Characterized by being clear or apparent to the sight or understanding: The decision by the government to lower taxes was manifestly appreciated by its citizens.
manifestness (s) (noun) (no plural)
A clearness of the sight or the mind; obviously discernible: The manifestness of Mary’s musical talent was quite apparent because she was able to play a piece perfectly after hearing it only once.
manifesto (s) (noun); manifestos, manifestoes (pl)
A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions; especially, of a political nature: The politicians of Jack's group couldn’t come to an acceptable manifesto because so many of the members had opposing opinions.

The group that Jim belongs to had a manifesto to focus on helping the poor by making sure they have safe places to stay during the winter.

Show things clearly, through signs or actions.