strepi-, strep-

(Latin: noise, to make noise; to rattle, to roar)

obstreperosity (s) (noun), obstreperosities (pl)
A situation when someone refuses to behave in a reasonable way: James was expressing his obstreperosity when he was yelling at the teacher to leave him alone when he was talking on his cell phone in class.
obstreperous (ahb STREP uhr uhs) (adjective), more obstreperous, most obstreperous
1. Characteristic of a person who is resisting or being uncooperative in a difficult way or being unruly: Helen and Margaret saw an obstreperous drunk outside the bar arguing with a police officer.
2. Referring to a noisy, boisterous, or clamorous person: The children on the playground were very obstreperous as they were playing in a wild, loud, and rough way.
3. Etymology: from Latin obstreperous, "noisy"; from obstrepere, "to make a noise against"; from ob, "toward" + strepere, "to make a noise"; literally, "to make noise at someone".
Noisy and disorderly.
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Uncontrollably noisy.
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obstreperously (adverb), more obstreperously, most obstreperously
Descriptive of being stubbornly defiant; disobedient, or resistant to obeying an authority or control, whether it is in a noisy manner or not.
obstreperousness (s) (noun) (no plural)
Someone who is boisterous, noisy, aggressive, and defiant: Jack's brother expressed his obstreperousness when he went into a restaurant and started to smoke in a "NO Smoking" area and refused to put the cigarette out or to leave as he was told to do by the manager.
streperous (adjective), more streperous, most streperous
Characteristic of an extreme anxiety of hearing loud noises in general or specific clamors: Jake cannot tolerate some of the streperous sounds that take place in public places and he feels as if his environment is completely out of control.
Noise is a real problem.
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strepitant (s) (noun), strepitants (pl)
An unruly and disobedient uproar and conflict that is out of control: The opposing political strepitants were violently attacking each other and causing a great uproar when one of the candidates was presenting his speech.
strepitous (adjective), more strepitous, most strepitous
Descriptive of someone who is being disorderly and very uncontrollable: James and Jane were celebrating their wedding and the strepitous participants got so out of control after 2 a.m. that the neighbors had to call the police to make the people stop and go home.
Pertaining to being very noisy.
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A reference to being clamorous and boisterous.
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strepitus (s) (noun), strepiti (pl)
The act of listening for sounds within the internal organs of the body, primarily for ascertaining the condition of the lungs, heart, pleura, abdomen, and other organs; as well as, for the detection of pregnancy.
strepitus aurium
A form of tinnitus in which a person hears a crackling or similar sound in one ear or in both ears.