consult-; consul-

(Latin: to deliberate together, to consider; a magistrate in ancient Rome who sought information or advice from the Roman Senate)

consul (s) (noun), consuls (pl)
1. An official who has been appointed by a government to protect its commercial interests and to help its citizens in a foreign country: "The consul made it possible for the two citizens from his country to get the financial aid that they needed to get a flight back home."
2. In ancient Rome, one of the two annually elected chief magistrates who jointly ruled the republic: "Two consuls held office in Rome at any time. The term of office for a consul under the republic was one year, but under the empire the term was reduced to a few months."
consul general (s) (noun), consuls general (pl)
An officer of the highest rank who is stationed in an important foreign commercial city and who supervises the other officials from his country who are in his or her district: "The consul general was responsible for making sure that the other consuls were following the rules provided by their home country while they were conducting business in the foreign country where they were assigned."
consular (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to a diplomatic action: The consular stamp was not placed on the visa as soon as James had hoped.
consulate (s) (noun), consulates (pl)
The building where a government official from another country lives and works: The consulates were in danger of being attacked by rebels; so, there were additional troops assigned to protect the consuls and their staffs.
consulship (s) (noun), consulships (pl)
An ancient Roman magistrate or one of the highest ranking government officers who possessed both judicial and executive powers: The consulship of the ancient city was granted to the victorious admiral of a valiant sea battle.
consult (verb), consults; consulted; consulting
1. To seek information or advice from someone with expertise in a particular field or area: If you are not sure what to invest your money in, then consult a financial advisor.
2. The process of referring to a book or books, an expert, friends, etc. in an effort to determine something: While compiling his lexicon, Gerald consulted many sources of information including dictionaries, relevant books, and even media publications; such as, magazines and newspapers, so he could see how words were being used in contexs.
3. Having discussions or conferring with a person before doing something: The patient was told that the doctor had consulted with other physicians about the best way to treat Janet's illness.

Before the members of the management group could make such a significant financial decision, they had to consult with their board of directors.

4. Etymology: borrowed through Middle French consulter or directly from Latin consultare, "to consult"; a form of consulere, "to take counsel, to consult"; probably originally meaning "to gather (the senate) together"; from con-, "together" + selere, "to take, to gather".
consultable (adjective), more consultable, most consultable
Relating to that which can, or can't, be provided with professional advice or services: The financial advisor decided that Jim's economic situation was so bad that there was no consultable solution.

As a student, Geraldine finally found a consultable dictionary that provided adequate definitions for the words that she was trying to find.

consultancy (s) (noun), consultancies (pl)
A professional practice that provides expert advice about some particular subject or situation: As a result of the economic problems Samuel's business was having, the owner of the company decided to confer with a well known firm that provides management and marketing consultancies.

After graduating with an advanced business-graduate degree in the United States, Shirley opened a financial consultancy in Canada.

consultant (s) (noun), consultants (pl)
1. A person or those who professionally provide expert advice: After Carol's husband died leaving her with a great deal of money and bills to be paid, she hired a consultant to work out the best process for taking care of her financial situation.
2. Someone who acts as an advisor to users of computers or to the technical staff: In some businesses, there are consultants who are available for all aspects of the computer industry, including electronic circuit designing, information systems analysis, and for software development for companies or for individuals.
consultation (s) (nouns), consultations (pl)
1. A meeting in which someone discusses a problem or questions with a professional who is seeking advice: The business gave telephone consultations in addition to personally attending meetings with their clients.

After consultations with the opposing politicians, an agreement was reached to go forward with the legislative proposal.

2. The process of seeking information from written sources to complete something: The teacher had her students use a variety of dictionaries for consultations of the words she had been listed for them to define.
consultative (adjective), more consultative, most consultative
A reference to giving advice or assistance: The vocational advisor was providing consultative services to the newly graduated students.

Adam was on a consultative committee that advised the company about the new rules that the country was setting up for importing new electronic products.

consulter (s) (noun), consulters (pl)
1. Someone who exchanges views or confers with others: Henry was a consulter with university students.
2. Anyone who works or serves as an advisor: Neal was a retired executive who served as a consulter for several large companies.

There were several qualified consulters who were providing advice to the local coty officials as to how they could improve the bad traffic conditions.

consulting (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to being involved in the business of giving expert advice to people who are working in a professional or technical field: Sharon was known as an expert consulting engineer for an environmental consulting company.
consulting (s) (noun), consultings (pl)
A business that provides professional help to other professionals: Andrew worked for a company that gives expert consulting regarding financial and business matters to others who are involved in those vocations.
consulting room (s) (noun), consulting rooms (pl)
A room, or rooms, in which a doctor or other medical staff examine patients: The local medical center had a staff of twelve medical professionals who were utilizing fifteen consulting rooms.