(Latin: to agree, to come together, to correspond with; "suitable, proper," from Latin congruentem, congruens, "agreeing, fit, suitable" from congruere, literally, "to come together, to agree, to meet", from com-, "with, together" + gruere, ruere, "to fall, to rush")

congruence (s) (noun), congruences (pl)
An agreement with, having harmony with, or compatibility with someone or something: Tom's parents have had congruences for the last 70 years.
congruency (s) (noun), congruencies (pl)
In harmony with or in accord with what should be expected as being proper, reasonable, appropriate, or consistent: The results of Jim's business report shows very good congruencies with recent research into his company.
congruent (adjective), more congruent, most congruent
1. Coinciding or agreeing when superimposed: <(I>Congruent shapes are exactly the same size and shape.
2. In a condition, situation, of agreement: Harry's congruent statement is not in agreement with the facts about his questionable investment.
3. A reference to geometric figures which have exactly the same size and shape: Two triangles are congruent if their sides are the same length and their internal angles are of the same size.
In a congruent manner or in accordance, agreement, and harmoniously.
1. The state or fact of agreeing with or being consistent with each other or with something else.
2. The quality or fact of being suitable or appropriate for something.
Someone who is in agreement with others or who has harmonious relationships with other people.
1. A point of agreement or an appropriate harmony.
2. In geometry, the exact coincidence or a situation in which separate things happen by chance at the same time or in the same way; such as, lines, angles, figures, etc.
1. Appropriate to or suitable for a particular thing or situation.
2. In agreement with or in harmony with: "Her explanation is congruous with earlier presentations."
A reference to being consistent with other people or being suitable for something else.
Something that is agreed upon or a point at which there is agreement.
Not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of a situation: "The brightly colored coat appeared to be an incongruence with the black suit he was wearing underneath."
Not corresponding in structure or content or not in agreement with other people.
A reference to not being in agreement with or not in harmony in structure or content.
incongruity (s), incongruities (pl)
Something which is out of place or that does not seem to fit in with or which is not appropriate to its context.
incongruous (adjective), more incongruous, most incongruous
A reference to that which is unsuitable, odd, strange, or out of place in a particular setting or context: When Sam was invited to the 50th wedding anniversary of his relatives, he wore his gardening clothes which certainly were incongruous and inappropriate for the occasion!
Conveying an odd or inappropriate situation.
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