total-, tot- +

(Latin: all, whole, entire)

1. With reference to a cell or part, having the potential for developing in various specialized ways in response to external or internal stimuli.
2. The ability of a cell to differentiate into a complete organism or into any other related cell.
3. The ability of a cell, such as an egg, to give rise to unlike cells and thus to develop into or generate a new organism or part.
Vestra causa tota nostra est.
Your cause is totally (completely) ours.

Also, "We support your cause completely." Motto of The American Classical League, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "more, plentiful, fullness, excessive, over flowing": copi-; exuber-; hyper-; multi-; opulen-; ple-; pleio-; plethor-; poly-; super-; ultra-; undu-.