spac-, spat-

(Latin: room, area, distance, stretch of time; space)

1. The earth's atmosphere and outer space.
2. The air surrounding the earth and the space beyond it.
3. Relating to the design, manufacture, and flight of vehicles or missiles that fly in and beyond the earth's atmosphere.
aerospace engineering (s) (noun), aerospace engineerings (pl)
The crafts or branches of sciences pertaining to the design and construction of aircraft and space vehicles and of power units, and dealing with the special problems of flight in both the earth's atmosphere and space; such as, in the flight of air vehicles and the launching, guidance, and control of missiles, earth satellites, and space vehicles and probes.
cyberspace (s) (noun), cyberspaces (pl)
1. The idea that electronic information exists or is exchanged: In this virtual cyberspace, people can do many of the things they do in "normal" physical domain; that is, interact with other people, shop, read the news, etc.
2. The imaginary world of virtual reality: Computer games often create specialized cyberspaces into which users enter while playing the games and all the actions involved with the games in that world.
3. A computer hookup consisting of a worldwide web of computer circuits use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange: Cyberspace is a conceptual electronic cosmic region unbounded by distance or other physical limitations.
4. Not a real location but rather the "world" created by computers and specifically the internet: It is said that there is a blurry line between free speech and criminality in cyberspace.

When involved with cyberspace, people are dealing with a contrived world that has been formed by the display of data as an artificial three-dimensional area, which the user can manipulate and "move through" by providing certain commands to a computer.

Cyberspace historical origin. Here is an explanation of where the word cyberspace came from.
expatiate (verb),expatiates; expatiated; expatiating
To speak or to write at length or in detail: After Rebecca returned from her trip to France, she expatiated to her parents about her adventures and all the difficulties she had with the language!
To speak or to write in great detail.
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To enlarge a conversation even about dull topics.
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To talk freely and at length.
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The regions beneath the ocean's surface, especially when considered as an area to be studied.
Meckel space
Trigeminal cave, the cleft in the meningeal layer of dura of the middle cranial fossa near the tip of the petrous part of the temporal bone; it encloses the roots of the trigeminal nerve and the trigeminal ganglion.
Offering or containing much space or room; extensive.