mana-, manat-

(Latin: flow out, to issue forth, to run)

emanant (adjective), more emanant, most emanant
Issuing or flowing forth; passing forth into an act, or making itself apparent by an effect; said of mental acts; as, an emanant volition.
emanate (verb), emanates; emanated; emanating
1. To emit or to discharge, to send out or to give out something; such as, rays or information.
2. To flow out, to issue, or to proceed, as from a source or origin; to come forth; to originate.
emanation (s) (noun), emanations (pl)
1. Something that issues, is sent out, or given out from someone, something, or somewhere.
2. Any substance that flows out or is emitted from a source or origin.
3. The radiation from a radioactive element.
4. Etymology: from Latin emanare, "to flow from" or "to pour forth or out of".
emanational (adjective), more emanational, most emanational
1. A reference to something which issues from a source; an emission.
2. A description of any of several radioactive gases which are isotopes of radon and are products of radioactive decay.
emanationism (s) (noun), emanationisms (pl)
The doctrine that the physical world issued forth from God or some other divinity.
emanative (adjective), more emanative, most emanative
1. Relating to that which comes from another source, causing to flow forth.
2. A reference to that which is emitted or radiated; such as, a gas or an odor or a light etc.
manation (s) (noun), manations (pl)
The act or process of sending or floating out.
promanation (s) (noun), promanations (pl)
The act of drifting forth; an efflux or a movement of something going out.