pusill- +

(Latin: very weak, little, very small)

pusillanimity (pyoo" suh luh NIM uh tee) (s) (noun), pusillanimities (pl)
1. Timidity, cowardliness, faint-heartedness: The novel Susan was reading dealt with a girl whose pusillanimity kept her from developing into a very talented pianist.
2. A lack of firmness and strength of mind which constitutes courage or fortitude: Steven's mother didn't know whether he was very lazy and therefore just procrastinated with his homework, or if pusillanimity was his problem, which had to be dealt with in another way.
3. Weakness of spirit; cowardliness: Timothy was very outgoing and possessed great courage while his brother, Tom, showed quite a bit of pusillanimity since he avoided everything that might be new to him or could present problems.
4. A feebleness of mind which shrinks from trifling or imaginary dangers: Ed's aunt was very old and became quite timid and insecure with time and this pusillanimity kept her from trusting other people because she thought one of them might steal something from her house!
pusillanimous (pyoo" suh LAN nuh muhs) (adjective), more pusillanimous, most pusillanimous
1. Characterizing the lack of courage and manly strength and resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; timid: Even though both boys had grown up together, Christopher was very brave and outgoing, while his younger brother, Rob, was noted to be a pusillanimous person who was afraid to do anything new or to be with strange people.
2. Referring to a lack of boldness and resolve. Jill's cat was very daring and chased a fearful and pusillanimous dog down the driveway and out onto the street!

Little Mary was very pusillanimous when people arrived at her home because she always hid behind her mother’s skirt or apron when seeing them.

3. Etymology: from Latin pusillus, "very small" and animus, "mind".
Relating to a lack of courage strength.
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Conveying cowardness.
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pusillanimously (adverb), more pusillanimously, most pusillanimously
1. Regarding how something is done or said with a lack of courage and determination: Janice wasn’t sure about joining the group of climbers, so she pusillanimously responded to their invitation by saying she had a headache and was not feeling well.
2. Relating to acting in a timorous, fearful, or frightened way; cowardly: The accused thief begged pusillanimously for mercy because he was about to be put into a prison cell with other prisoners.
pusillanimousness (s) (noun), pusillanimousnesses (pl)
The state or condition of being very apprehensive or fearful: The pusillanimousness of some of the tourists was quite apparent and they were all very nervous and backing away from the hanging bridge above the deep gorge they were supposed to cross.