rab-, rag-, rav-

(Latin: madness, to be mad; to rave, to be furious)

rageful (adjective), more rageful, most rageful
Relating to a great amount of anger.
raging (adjective), more raging, most raging
1. Descriptive of being of control or very angry.
2. Relating to something that is happening with great force or intensity.
3. A reference to being very severe and causing great pain or distress: Jane had a raging toothache.
4. Characteristic of being considerably wonderful or very good and great: The stage drama was a raging success.
rave (verb), raves; raved; raving
1. To give praise in a very enthusiastic way: All of the critics raved about the writer's new novel.
2. To speak or to say something in a loud, irrational, or incoherent way.
3. to express very enthusiastic appreciation: People simply had to rave about the team winning the basketball tournament.
4. Uttering or expressing in a frenzied manner.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "anger, angry; rage, wrath, fury; rave": fur-, furi-; ira-; lysso-; mania-.