cliv- +

(Latin: slope, slanting up or down)

1. Sloping upward.
2. Moving, going, or growing upward.
1. An upward slope or grade; such as, in a road.
2. An upward slope on a hill.
1. Sloping upward; an ascent.
2. Rising as a hillside.
3. An upward slope, as of ground.
declive (s), declives (pl) (nouns)
1. Decline, a slope or a slanting surface.
2. Sloping downward.
1. Sloping down rather steeply.
2. Moderately steep.
1. A downward slope or bend.
2. A surface; especially, a piece of land, that slopes downward.
3. A downward inclination; especially, of a piece of land.
Steep; a steep incline; such as, of a hill or a road.
proclivity (s) (noun), proclivities (pl)
1. A natural inclination, or tendency, to behave in a certain way: There are some people who have a proclivity for violence or stealing from others.

Peggy has a proclivity for having sweet deserts after most of her lunches and dinners.

2. Etymology: from Latin proclivitatem, proclivitas, "a tendency, propensity" from proclivis, "prone to"; literally, "sloping", from pro-, "forward" + clivus, "a slope".

Proclivity is someone's disposition which shows a tendency to do or to behave in a certain way, as if leaning toward it.

A natural behavior which can be bad.
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A tendency to do certain things whether they are good or bad.
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1. Having the incisor teeth directed forward.
2. Inclined; tending by nature.