tribu-, trib-

(Latin: to assign, to allot, to bestow, to give, to grant; from tribe, to give out among the tribes was tribuere which is the source of many of the words located in this unit)

attributable (adjective) (not comparable)
A description of something that can indicate or explain the cause of or the reason for that which has taken place: It is obvious that the attributable success of the writer's latest publication is a result of not only her talent but also of her hard work and determination.

Glenda's avoidance of socializing with other people is probably an attributable factor resulting from her lack of self-confidence.

attribute (AT ruh byoot") (s) (noun), attributes (pl)
A quality or characteristic of someone or something: The author's best attribute is his willingness to listen to other people and to learn from their experiences.
attribute (uh TRIB yoot) (verb), attributes; attributed; attributing
To explain something according to or to give credit to: Tim's mother attributes her victory in the marathon race to a great deal of hard training and a positive attitude.

Several successful writing professionals are attributing their successes to superior communication skills and to staying on focus.

To regard as being caused by or belonging to.
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attribution (s) (noun), attributions (pl)
attributive (adjective), more attributive; most attributive
attributively (adverb), more attributively, most attributively
attributiveness (s) (noun) (no plural)
contributable (adjective) (not comparable)
Worthy of being added, provided, or given: Jane wanted to donate some money to a contributable charity program for the poor in her town.
contribute (verb), contributes; contributed; contributing
contribution (s) (noun), contributions (pl)
contributive (adjective), more contributive, most contributive
contributively (adverb), more contributively, most contributively
contributiveness (s) (noun) (no plural)
contributor (s) (noun), contributors (pl)
contributory (adjective), more contributory, most contributory