fundu-, fundus-, fund-, found- +

(Latin: bottom, base; and with special reference to financial applications, "piece of land")

fundus (s), fundi (pl)
1. The part of a hollow organ of the body farthest from its opening; such as, the part of the eye's retina opposite the pupil.
2. In medicine, fundus refers to the bottom or base of an organ; examples include: the fundus of the eye (the retina), the fundus of the uterus, and so on.
3. The anatomical term referring to a portion of a bodily organ which is opposite of its opening.
4. The base of an organ or the part opposite to or remote from an aperture (opening).
fundus folliculipili
The deepest part of a hair follicle.
fundus meatus acustici interni
The bottom of the lateral end of the internal acoustic meatus.
fundus of the urinary bladder, fundus vesicae urinariae
The portion of the urinary bladder adjacent to the rectum.
fundus of the uterus, fundus uteri
The part of the uterus most remote from the cervix.
profound (adjective), more profound, most profound
1. A reference to something which is great, strong, or intense: As a preacher, Jerome had a profound effect on the congregation of his church.
2. Characteristic of a person who has, or an idea or effort that shows significant understanding or intellectual insight: As young as she is, Shirley has shown profound skills in writing her novel.
3. Descriptive of far-reaching ideas, or essential wisdom and experience, that usually require serious thought to be fully appreciated: Computer technology has made profound changes in the lives of many people.
4. Etymology: from Latin profundus, "deep, bottomless, vast"; also, "obscure, profound", from pro-, "forth" + fundus, "bottom".
Resembling being intellectually deep.
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Conveying knowledge that is below the surface.
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1. A reference to having intellectual depth and insight.
2. Descriptive of something which is difficult to fathom or to understand.
3. Extending far below the surface.
4. Coming from, reaching to, or situated at a depth.
1. An insight that deals seriously with the most vital aspects of any question.
2. Something that shows great perceptiveness or knowledge or requires great perceptiveness and knowledge to be properly understood.
3. The intellectual complexity or abstruseness of something.
4. The greatness, strength, or intensity of something.
5. Extension to or location at a great depth in a literary sense.