cardio-, cardi-, card-

(Greek: heart, pertaining to the heart)

telecardiography (s) (noun), telecardiographies (pl)
The recording of an electrocardiogram by transmission of impulses to a site at a distance from a patient.
telecardiophone (s) (noun), telecardiophones (pl)
A specially constructed stethoscope by means of which heart sounds can be heard by listeners at a distance from the patient.
telectrocardiograph (s) (noun), telectrocardiographs (pl)
A cardiogram which is transmitted electronically to a recording device at a distance from the patient.
An electrocardiogram recorded at a distance from the subject being tested; for example, the electrocardiogram obtained through telemetry, or, as with a galvanometer in the laboratory, being connected by a wire with the patient in another room.
trichocardia, shaggy pericardium
1. Pericardial inflammation with elevations resembling hair.
2. A pericardium coated with a roughened layer of fibrinous exudate (substance that has oozed out the essential portion of a blood clot).
Rotary displacement of the heart on its axis.
Referring to the heart and blood vessels.
vectorcardiogram (s) (noun), vectorcardiograms (pl)
The graphic record, usually a photograph, of the direction and magnitude of the electrical forces of the heart's movements: The cardiologist, Dr. Hendricks, studied the vectorcardiogram which was supplied by Susan, the medical technician, during the patient's examination.
vectorcardiography (s) (noun), vectorcardiographies (pl)
1. A process in which the direction and magnitude of the electrical forces of the heart are determined: The eminent cardiologist, Dr. Diedrich, pioneered the use of vectorcardiography for patients with heart diseases.
2. A method of charting the electro activity of the heart: Mrs. Carson, the medical technician, arranged to have a vectorcardiography of Sally's heart beat and e-mailed the results to her cardiologist.
The graphic record of the vibrations of the heart as recorded on the chest wall.
The technique of recording vibrocardiograms.
viscerocardiac reflex (s) (noun), viscerocardiac reflexes (pl)
Alteration in the activity of the heart in response to stimulation of another internal organ.

A cross reference of another word group that is related to: "heart": cor-, cord-.