(Latin: frequented, populous; to frequent in great numbers, to assemble, to honor; thronged)

cause célèbre, cause celebre (s) (noun); causes célèbre, causes celebre (pl)
A French phrase that means something that attracts significant public attention: A cause célèbre is an event; such as, a legal or court case that a lot of people are interested in knowing about.
A controversy which attracts great public attention; such as, a legal case or trial.
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celebrant (s) (noun), celebrants (pl)
1. A participant in any festivity or jubilee.
2. The officiating priest in the ceremonial of the Eucharist.
3. Someone who takes part in a public religious rite.
celebrate (verb), celebrates; celebrated; celebrating
1. To observe (a day) or to commemorate (an event) with ceremonies or festivities.
2. To make known publicly; to proclaim.
3. To praise widely or to present to widespread and favorable public notice, as through newspapers or novels: Frank wrote a novel celebrating the joys of being single.
4. To perform with appropriate rites and ceremonies in a religious observance; to solemnize.
5. To have or participate in a party, a drinking spree, or an uninhibited good time: Mark and his guests look like they were celebrating all night.
6. Taking part in special enjoyable activities in order to show that a particular occasion is important.
celebrated (adjective), more celebrated, most celebrated
1. Widely known and esteemed: Frances was a celebrated musician.
2. Having an illustrious past.
3. Famous and admired.
4. Known and praised widely; noted.
celebration (s) (noun), celebrations (pl)
1. A joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event.
2. Any joyous diversion.
3. The public performance of a church sacrament or a solemn observance with all appropriate rituals.
celebrator (s) (noun), celebrators (pl)
Someone who is expressing admiration and approval for something or someone.
celebratory (adjective), more celebratory, most celebratory
1. A reference to honoring (as a holiday); especially, by solemn ceremonies or by refraining from ordinary business.
2. Descriptive of marking (as an anniversary) by festivities or other deviation from routine activities.
celebrious (adjective), more celebrious, most celebrious
Famous; renowned; very important.
celebrity (s) (noun), celebrities (pl)
1. Someone who has been famous during his or her own lifetime: The famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was quite a celebrity while he lived, playing his own music for kings and queens, even when he was a child!
2. A person who is well-known: Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, can be considered a celebrity who is quite renowned throughout the world!
3. A highly respected or eminent person: The students at school had a very high regard for their principal, Mr. Dean, and he was also considered a celebrity in the community.
A famous or well-known person who is widely recognized by others.
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concelebrate (verb), concelebrates; concelebrated; concelebrating
1. To praise or honor together.
2. To take part in the observance of the Eucharist.
3. The Christian Mass or Communion that is revered jointly with one or more other priests.
concelebration (s) (noun), concelebrations (pl)
The commemoration of a Eucharist or Mass by two or more members of the clergy.
recelebrate (verb), recelebrates; recelebrated; recelebrating
To glorify or to honor and to magnify again.