capsulo-, capsul-, caps-

(Latin: a small box or chest; repository, case; enveloping or surrounding a structure)

articular capsule (s) (noun), articular capsules (pl)
A two-layered sleeve or covering that surrounds freely moving joints (elbows, fingers, knees, etc.), where the inner layer is a clear, viscid lubricating fluid secreted by membranes in the joint cavities, sheaths of tendons, and where the outer part is fibrous or has threadlike structures; such as, a muscle fiber or a nerve fiber.
auditory capsule (s) (noun), auditory capsules (pl)
The embryonic (before birth) cartilaginous membranes (tough and thin elastic tissues) which enclose the inner developing ears of babies.
bacterial capsule
capsula (s) (noun), capsulae (pl)
A sheath or continuous enclosure around an organ or structure of the body.
capsula fibrosa
capsulaphile, capsulaphilist (s) (noun); capsulaphiles; capsulaphilists (pl)
A collector of ships in bottles: Mr. Black, a capsulaphilist, had a liking for glass containers enclosing vessels of all kinds, so he had a large collection of them in his library.
capsular (adjective) more capsular, most capsular
A reference to connective tissue covering a structure or organ of the body.
capsule (s) (noun), capsules (pl)
1. In pharmacology, a small round container which is soluble and enclosing a dose of medicine that can be swallowed whole, or the container itself.
2. A fruit containing seeds that it releases by splitting open when it is dry and mature.
3. A sac containing the spores of a moss or a liverwort.
4. In microbiology, a gelatinous covering that surrounds some microorganisms.
5. A membrane or sac enclosing an organ or body part.
6. A layer of white fibers in the fore brain.
7. A sealed cockpit in an aircraft that can be ejected in an emergency; known as an ejectable cockpit.
8. A very brief summary or expressed in an extremely brief or highly condensed way.
9. A protective seal; such as, the metal, plastic, or wax covering that protects the cork of a wine bottle.
10. Etymology: from Latan capsula, "small boat or chest"; indicating smallness of capsa, "box, case, chest"; from Latin capere, "to take hold".
capsule of Tenon
capsule of the kidney
capsulectomy (s) (noun), capsulectomies (pl)
The surgical removal of a capsule; such as, around a breast implant, a joint, a lens of an eye, a kidney, etc.
capsulitis (s) (noun); capsulitises, capsulitides (pl)
Inflammation of the saclike envelope that encloses the cavity of a synovial body joint by attaching to the circumference of the articular end of each involved bone, or the elastic sac enclosing the lenses of the eyes.
capsulociliary (adjective), capsulociliaries (pl)
A reference to the eyelashes: "Relating to the lens capsule and the ciliary or hairlike structures of the eyes."