toll-, tol-

(Latin: to lift up, to raise; to carry)

extol, extoll (verb); extols, extolls; extolled; extolling
1. To praise highly; to laud; to eulogize: Professor Stanley extolled the wonderful contributions to the linguistics section of the university that were made by his retiring colleague.
2. To commend, to glorify, or to honor: The health benefits of exercising have been extolled by the elderly couple who have been attending a fitness studio for years and going for walks on many occasions.

To express warm approval.
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extolingly, extollingly (adverb); more extolingly, more extollingly; most extolingly, most extollingly
A reference to highly praising someone or something: Karl's parents were extolingly pointing out the great health benefits of exercising and eating properly.
extolled (adjective), more extolled, most extolled
Acclaimed, glorified, or honored: The extolled work that was done by the carpenter resulted in his getting a bonus for the exceptional kitchen renovations that he made.
extoller (s) (noun), extollers (pl)
Someone who communicates high approval: Mr. and Mrs. James and the other parents were extollers of the school's teachers for the wonderful improvements that the students had made during the past year.
extolment, extollment (noun); extolments, extollments (pl)
An expression of approbation and commendation: General Victor's extollments of the bravery of his troops were greatly appreciated by everyone who was involved.