(Latin: the best, most favorable, most desirable; exceptionally good)

optimize (verb), optimizes; optimized; optimizing
1. In computer technology, to design a program or system so as to minimize the processing time or the cost and to maximize throughput for efficiency: Thomas wanted to optimize his laptop with better speed and memory.
2. To make transformations to a program, for example to form a program produced by a compiler or programmer, in order to make its efficiency better: The storage capacity was optimized on Sally's laptop to make it more useful for her.
optimized code (s) (noun), optimized codes (pl)
In computer programming, the machine-language product of a complier that increases the quality of computer operations and memory for the target computer so that the program execution will take the least amount of time and memory for the best operation.
optimum (s) (noun), optima (pl)
1. The best set of conditions for a particular activity or function; such as, obtaining the best or most reliable results, degree, etc.: The atmospheric conditions are at the optimum (best point) for a space probe.
2. The point at which the condition, degree, or amount of something is the most favorable: The chemistry experiment was conducted under optimum (ideal or best) conditions.
3. In biology, the most favorable condition for growth and reproduction: The optimum of the results was obtained by the students when they had ideal circumstances (perfect warmth, good soil, sunlight) for planting and growing the pumpkin seeds in their classroom.
4. The best out of a number of possible options or outcomes: From all the choices of new cars at at the dealer’s, Mary chose the optimum for herself with power steering, four doors, light blue color, and the least amount of gas needed for driving.
5. Etymology: from Latin optimum, optimus, "best"; probably related to ops, "power, resources" evolving from "richest" to "the most esteemed".

The word optimum refers to quality, not quantity. It means "best," not "greatest" or "most".

It often happens that the best is also the greatest or the most; as, "The shareholders were seeking an optimum return on their investments", which could be one reason why there is so much confusion about the meaning of the word.

Most favorable opportunity.
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Best time to get a good response.
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Optimum est aliena insania frui. (Latin motto)
Translation: "From the fervor of others take all possible advantage."

Motto of Emperor King Charles IV of Luxembourg (1347-1378). Shortly after his election, Germany was stricken by the plague, the "Black Death". Incited by religious fanatics, the superstitious people made the Jewish minority responsible for the outbreak of the epidemic and persecution of the Jews and public acts of contrition, including self-flagellation, were undertaken to ward off the plague.

During his reign Charles founded the first university in the Empire (1348). He issued the "Golden Bull" confirming the right to the seven prince-electors to choose all future emperors. The Golden Bull further ruled that all German emperors were to be elected in Frankfurt.

—Compiled from information located in
Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 10; 1968; page 294.
optimum flight (s) (noun), optimum flights (pl)
In space technology, the flight of an aircraft or spacecraft which is planned and navigated to achieve the best minimm flight time and the best minimum exposure to any hazardous conditions.
optimum reverberation time (s) (noun), optimum reverberation times (pl)
The best amount of time for sound to travel in an acoustic environment; normally less than one-third of a second for good listening conditions: The optimum reverberation time was being calculated by Christian, the renovating-acoustic contractor, for the new concert hall and the auditorium.
optimum temperature (s) (noun), optimum temperatures (pl)
The temperature which is most suitable, or best, for a procedure or operation; especially, the development of bacterial cultures.
optimus technology; NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology
1. A program that is set up to provide seamless activities between switching from integrated graphics to discrete graphics in laptop PCs while preserving battery life and performances.

NVIDIA combines an initial n (a letter usable as a pronumeral in mathematical statements) and the root of video; from Latin videre, "to see" and so it may indicate "the best visual experience"; however, this is not confirmed by any resource.

2. A program that allows people who use two portable video cards to switch from one to the other one without interrupting their work.
3. Solving the common problem of having a balance between performance and battery life; as it relates to graphics in laptops.
4. Described as a breakthrough for notebook PCs that choose a graphics processor for running a given application and automatically routing the workload to either a NVIDIA discrete GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or Intel integrated graphics with the objective of delivering greater performance while also providing extended battery life.

NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology intelligently optimizes the notebook PC, providing the outstanding graphics performance people need and desire, when it is desired, while extending battery life for longer enjoyment.

The IGP is only being used as a simple display controller, resulting in a seamless, flicker-free experience with no need to reboot.

When less critical or less demanding applications are run, the discrete GPU is powered off and the Intel IGP handles both rendering and display calls to conserve power and provide the highest possible battery life.

Notebooks are developed in a wide variety of sizes and shapes in an effort to provide the ideal balance of battery life and performance for varied consumer needs; as a result, consumers are forced to prioritize performance or battery life, as one feature typically suffers significantly in order to accommodate the other.

With NVIDIA Optimus, it is said that users can enjoy watching a HD movie, surfing the Web, or playing top 3D games with the assurance of getting the best performance and the longest battery life.

  • Optimus technology is completely automatic allowing users to experience longer battery life and visuals without having to manually change the settings.
  • Behind the scenes and with no interference to what a person is doing, Optimus seamlessly figures is supposed to optimize the notebook computing experience.
  • NVIDIA graphics with more than ten times better performance with NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology, allows users to enjoy their applications and games without interruption.
—Compiled from information located at NVIDIA and NVIDIA Whitepaper.
pax optima rerum (Latin saying)
Translation: "Peace, the best blessing."

Pax optima rerum, quas homini novisse datum est; pax una triumphis innumeris potior; pax, custodire salutem et cives aequare potens. -Silius Italicus (A.D. 26-A.D. 101).

"Peace is the best thing that men may know; peace is better than a thousand triumphs; peace has power to guard our lives and secure equality among fellow citizens."

Studio optimae doctrinae et saluti sanitatis. (Latin motto)
Translation: "[Dedicated] to the pursuit of educational excellence and the preservation of health."

Motto of Logan College of Chiropractic, Chesterfield, Missouri, USA.