(Latin: rough; difficulty)

Ad astra per aspera. (Latin)
Translation: "To the stars through difficulties" or "To the stars in spite of difficulties."

The motto of the state of Kansas, USA and Campbell University, Buies Creek, North Carolina, USA.

This motto suggests that we achieve great things only by encountering and overcoming adversities. It will be rough going, but we will make it.

asperate (verb), asperates; asperated; asperating
To make rough, harsh, or uneven: "She spoke with a voice asperated by violent emotion."
asperation (s) (noun), asperations (pl)
The act of making or becoming rough; harsh.
asperity (s) (noun), asperities (pl)
1. A cruelty or brutality of manner or tone which expresses bitterness or anger: Jake talked about his ex-wife with asperity.
2. Roughness or harshness; such as, of a surface, a sound, or a climate: It is difficult to describe the asperity of northern winters.
3. Something that is hard, or difficult, to endure: Jasmin felt that her job had too many asperities for her to live with; so, she quit.
Harshness of sound or temper.
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exasperate (ig ZAS puh rayte") (verb), exasperates; exasperated; exasperating
1. To make someone very angry or frustrated, often by repeatedly doing something annoying: Jim was often exasperated with his parents about their constant bickering with each other.

During his news conference, the mayor was exasperated by the constant interruptions by different reporters.

2. To make an unpleasant condition or feeling worse: The situation of having 35 students in his class was distressing enough and then the principal exasperated and enraged Mr. Grim by deciding to put 5 more students into his class!
3. Etymology: from Latin exasperatus, past participle of exasperare "roughen, irritate"; from ex-, "thoroughly" + asper, "rough".
To frustrate or annoy someone.
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To infuriate another person.
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exasperated (adjective), more exasperated, most exasperated
1. A reference to being greatly annoyed and out of patience.
2. Characterized by an increased gravity or intensity of a situation.
exasperater (s) (noun), exasperators (pl)
Someone who inflames violence, enmity, or strong anger.
exasperating (adjective), more exasperating, most exasperating
1. A reference to being extremely annoying or displeasing; or making something worse.
2. Characterized by making someone very annoyed or frustrated; usually, when nothing can be done to solve a problem.
exasperatingly (adverb), more exasperatingly, most exasperatingly
In an extremely annoying manner.
exasperation (s) (noun), exasperations (pl)
1. Actions which cause great irritation or even anger.
2. An act or instance of provocation or causing a person to become very annoyed or angry: "The participant's exasperation at being interrupted during the TV discussion was understandable."
Per aspera ad astra. (Latin motto)
Through adversity to the stars.

Motto of the Canadian Air Force.

per aspera belli (Latin motto)
Through the hardships of war.