(Latin: to try out, to influence, to test)

attemptability (s) (noun) (no pl)
The condition or property of endeavouring or striving for something: The attemptability of climbing up the Matterhorn was still way beyond the hopes of the hikers.
attemptable (adjective), more attemptable, most attemptable
Capable of being tried or undertaken: After going on many hikes, Joan thought that climbing mountains in the Alps would be an attemptable adventure for her.
Quod potes id tempta.
Attempt only what you are able to perform.

From Cato (c. 175 B.C.). Another Latin proverb that is similar: Omnia non pariter rerum sunt omnibus apta., "All things are not equally suitable to all men." -Propertius, Elegies.

taunt (verb), taunts; taunted; taunting
1. To provoke, to ridicule, or to tease someone in a painful or mocking way: Some of the girls in Debbie’s class taunted and laughed at her because she wore her sister’s hand-me-down clothes to school.
2. To tantalize somebody; for example, by refusing to disclose a secret: Jane was taunted and teased by her little sister who wanted to know her boyfriend’s name!
3. To aggravate someone by deriding or mocking or criticizing him or her: Tommy was very fat and so many of the kids in his class often taunted and made fun of him.
4. To harass with persistent criticism or carping: Mike’s mother always seemed to nag and to taunt him because he seldom ever cleaned up his bedroom and put his clothes where they should be.
5. To make a sarcastic, biting speech or remark: Sometimes in presidential debates, the candidates taunt their opponents with sharp and cutting statements, some of which are totally false!.
6. To reproach with sarcastic or contemptuous words; to mock; to upbraid: Because Susan made so many mistakes in the minutes she took at the business meeting, the chairman taunted and admonished her for such exceptionally poor work.
7. Etymology: from Middle French tanter, a variance of tenter (French tenter), from Old French tempter, tenter, "to tempt, to put to the test"; from Latin temptare, "to handle, to touch, to feel, to put to the test, to try", whence also Old Provençal temptar, "to touch, to feel with the fingers; to tempt, to instigate; to attempt, to try, to test, to prove".
To jeer or to mock a rival in an insulting manner.
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Someone who teases in any way and who provokes with taunts.
Characterized by someone using jeering, mocking, or an insulting attitude: "The bigger boy tauntingly teased the smaller boy."
temptability (s) (noun) (no pl)
Susceptibility to enticement or allurement: Having ice cream in the house and the temptability of eating it was too good to be true and could not be resisted!
temptable (adjective), more temptable, most temptable
Susceptible to being enticed to do or to obtain something: Jill was not the most temptable person, but sometimes she felt quite tempted to eat ice cream when it was so hot outside! .