cap-, cip-, capt-, cept-, ceive, -ceipt, -ceit, -cipient

(Latin: catch, seize, take, take hold of, receive, contain, hold; caught, taken prisoner)

Don't confuse the words in this cap-, cip- unit with those in the capit-, capt-, "head; leader, chief", or "first" unit of words.

susceptible (adjective), more susceptible, most susceptible
1. Easily influenced or affected by something: Some teenagers are sometimes very susceptible to new ways of thinking or of behaving in ways that are unacceptable.
2. Especially sensitive; highly impressionable: Little Joey was highly susceptible to colds and had to wear warm clothing and to avoid being cold at all times.
A reference to being easily responsive to or affected by something or someone.
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Relating to readily yielding or being sensitive to some other force or condition.
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unacceptable (adjective), more unacceptable, most unacceptable
unexceptionable (adjective), more unexceptionable, most unexceptionable
unprincipled (adjective), more unprincipled, most unprincipled
Lacking principles or moral scruples; unscrupulous: unprincipled behavior.
viviperception (s) (noun), viviperceptions (pl)
Observation of the vital processes in an organism without the aid of vivisection.