aevum, evum; etern-; aeternus

(Latin: age; space of time, ever, always; eternity)

in aeternum (Latin phrase)
Forever. to eternity: When Mr. Nelson passed away, Wendy tried to comfort his wife by saying that her husband would live in her heart in aeternum.
longeval (adjective), more longeval, most longeval
Long-lived, or regarding an event or a person that has lived a long time: The long-lasting tradition of having kings and queens in the faraway country in the book Jane was reading, was longeval, and had existed longer than anyone in the country had heard about or could have imagined.
longevity (s) (noun), longevities (pl)
1. A long duration of life: The old school clock in Virginia's study had an amazing longevity because it was way over 100 years old and still keeping good time!
2. Etymology: from Late Latin longaevitas, "great age, long life", from Latin longaevus, "of great age", which is compounded of longus, "long", and aevum, "age".
medieval tournament (s) (noun), medieval tournaments (pl)
A mock battle or fight between two groups or two mounted knights (jousting): Neal read a history book about the 10th century that described a medieval tournament whereby two armoured knights on horses came together in a charge. This was also termed a mêlée, hastilude, tourney, or tournoi.
medieval, mediaeval (adjective); more medieval, most medieval; more mediaeval, most mediaeval
1. Of or relating to a period of time intervening between (periods designated as) ancient and modern: In Marburg, Germany, there is a medieval castle that is worthwhile visiting!

In history, the medieval times were in the Middle Ages. There were medieval scholars, art, and religion at the time of te Middle Ages.
2. Descriptive of something as if it belonged to the Middle Ages; old-fashioned; obsolete: Sharon's parents certainly had a medieval attitude towards her dating a boy because they always wanted to go along with them!

memoria in aeterna (Latin phrase)
In eternal remembranc: The headstone that Stella chose for her grandmother's grave was to include memoria in aeterna, or. in everlasting memory.
Misericordias Domini in aeternum cantabo. (Latin motto)
I will sing the mercies of the Lord forever.

A motto of Abingdon School, U.K.

primeval (adjective), more primeval, most primeval
1. A reference to having existed from the beginning; the earliest or original stage or condition: Jim and his family were able to visit what some considered the primeval forest which had been in the location for hundreds of years.

The cave drawings which were discovered by the scientists provided a glimpse into the primeval lifestyle of the early inhabitants of the area.
2. Pertaining to a primitive reaction or arising from instinct rather than from thought: Maggie had a primeval urge to strongly respond to her brother's criticism.

Descriptive of an original object or belonging to the earliest period of time.
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puer aeternus (s) (noun), puer aeterni (pl)
A person who possesses "eternal youth"; "Peter Pan syndrome"; eternal boy: Old Uncle Tom was a puer aeternus because he still seemed to have feelings and emotions like an adolescent boy!
Verbum Domioni manet in aeternum. (Latin phrase)
The Word of the Lord endureth forever." [As seen in I Peter 1:25, of the Bible]: Verbum Domioni manet in aeternum is the motto of the Lutheran Reformation, which signified the end of the Middle Ages and the outset of the early period in Europe.