(Latin: to value; to appraise; to assess)

estimable (adjective), more estimable, most estimable
1. Worthy of receiving high regard or admiration: The young teacher proved to be quite estimable and was valued by all of the staff in school.
2. Able to be assessed or calculated: Before their trip, Jim figured out the estimable distance to the next campground.
estimably (adverb), more estimably, most estimably
1. Pertaining to how someone is deserving of high regard or admiration: The young teacher, Mr. Smart, was estimably valued and respected by all of his students and members of the staff.
2. Descriptive of how something is calculated or assessed: Martin estimably guessed the distance to the lake to be about 10 kilometers, and so he could ride his bike there and back again with no problem at all.
inestimable (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Impossible of being calculated or assessed: The landslide in the mountains caused inestimable damage to the village below.
2. Too precious to be comprehended or fully grasped: The treasure found at the bottom of the ocean was of inestimable and unfathomable value.
inestimably (adverb), more inestimably, most inestimably
Descriptive how something is incapable of being approximated or rated: Every human life is certainly inestimably valued and extremely precious.

The universe is inestimably vast and boundless and cannot be measured!