anilo-, anil-

(Latin: an old woman; old age of a woman; a "venerable woman")

1. Of or like an old woman.
2. Resembling a woman of "advanced years".
3. Like a foolish, doddering old woman.
A special (sexual) attraction to an old woman or elderly women in general.
anility, dotage
1. The quality of being anile or like a feeble old woman.
2. The state of existing as or like an old woman.
3. Senility; dotage.

Dotage refers to mental infirmity as a consequence of old age; sometimes shown by foolish infatuations. It is also defined as "to be weak-minded from old age; to have one's intellect impaired by reason of age".

1. Someone who marries another person of a significanly different age; particularly when a very young man marries a much older woman.
2. A person who advocates or supports marriage between older women with much younger men.
A reference to or characterized by marriage between an old woman and a young man.
1. Marriage between an older woman and a much younger man.
2. A marriage in which there is a considerable age difference between partners, a woman being the older partner.
3. Etymology: From Latin anilis, "an old woman" plus juvenis, "a youth" or "young man" plus Greek -gamy "marriage".
—Coined by Charles Harrington Elster in his book:
There's a Word for It!; Scribner, Simon & Schuster, Inc; page 85, 1996.

Related "woman, female" units: fem-; gyno-; mulie-; virgo-.