palm +

(Greek palame > Latin palma: palm of the hand)

A computer that is small enough to fit in the palm of a person's hand.

A "pocket computer", "Hand-held Personal Computer", or H/PC. A small general-purpose, programmable, battery-powered computer cabable of handling both numbers and text; in contrast to most pocket calculators.

The palmtop can be operated comfortably while held in one hand. It is usually loaded with an operating system; such as, Windows CE. Data can be transferred between the palmtop and a desktop computer or a laptop which is known as "synchronizing".

1. Having partial or reduced webbing between the toes, as some wading birds possess.
2. Partially or imperfectly palmate, as a bird's foot; half-webbed.
1. Having the anterior toes joined only part way down with a web.
2. Being half-webbed; as, a semipalmated bird or foot.
totipalmate, totipalmation
1. Having all four toes united by a web; a reference to certain sea birds; such as, pelicans, cormorants, and gannets.
2. Certain water birds that have webbing that connects each of the four anterior toes or have all four toes fully webbed.
A division of swimming birds including those that have totipalmate feet.