galvano-, galvan- +

(Named after the Italian physician and physicist who investigated the nature and effects of what he conceived to be electricity in animal tissue; who in 1762 discovered and first described voltaic electricity; electric currents; and primarily, direct electrical current.)

To heat galvanized iron or steel until the zinc coat melts and alloys with the base.
Relating to the use of galvanic (dynamical elecricity) heat as a caustic, especially in medicine.
Cautery processed by a knife or needle heated with the passage of a galvanic electrical current.
The ability of muscle to respond to a continuous, direct electric current.
A reference to the simultaneous use of galvanic and faradic currents.

Faradic currents or faradism pertains to the therapeutic application of faradic current (asymmetric alternating current) which is used principally for the stimulation of muscles and nerves.

An instrument for testing taste sensation by applying an electrical stimulus to the lingual mucosa.
galvanoluminescence (s) (noun), galvanoluminescences (pl)
Fulgent production which may occur with electrodes of certain metals: When aluminum, or tantalum, are immersed in suitable electrolytes and the electric current is passed between them, the result is galvanoluminescence.

The children's eyes opened in wonder at the sight of the galvanoluminescences that glistened on the Christmas tree.

1. An instrument that detects, measures, and determines the direction of a small electric current.
2. An instrument that measures a small electric current by measuring the mechanical motion derived from electromagnetic or electrodynamic forces produced by the current.

Galvanometers can be used directly as ammeters, and are the core element of many ohmmeters and voltmeters.

The art or process of measuring the force of electric currents.
galvanoprostatectomy, galvanoprostatotomy
Partial excision of a hypertrophic prostate by use of galvanocautery (cautery effected by a knife or needle heated by the passage of a galvanic electrical current).

Hypertrophy is the enlargement or overgrowth of an organ or part of the body due to increased size of the constituent cells, as in hypertrophic prostate.

galvanopuncture (s) (noun), galvanopunctures (pl)
The use of low frequency electrically stimulated needles to produce analgesia and anesthesia in order to treat certain diseases: electroacupuncture.
The surgical use of an electric current to cut or cauterize tissue.
galvanotaxis, galvanotactic
1. Movement of certain organisms in relation to the direction of an electric field or current.
2. A directed reaction of a motile organism to an electric current.
The treatment of disease with the application of direct (galvanic) current.
Denoting a direct electric current capable of exciting muscle.

A cross reference of word units that are related, directly and/or indirectly, with "electricity": electro-; hodo-; ion-; piezo-; -tron; volt; biomechatronics, info; mechatronics, info.