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Word entries are from Latin unless otherwise indicated.

ultra mare (adverb) (not comparable)
On the other side, beyond the sea: June found out in her dictionary that plants ultra mare were those that thrived on the far side of an ocean.
ultra reprises
In excess of deductions or expenses.
ultra vires
1. Beyond legal authority; literally: "Beyond the powers".

A reference to a court or other agency of government, an institution, or an individual, that exceeds its legal authority.

2. An antonym, or opposite, is intra vires.

There are other legal applications (or interpretations):

  1. An act performed without any legal authority to act on the subject. It may refer to acts beyond the scope of the powers of a corporation; such as those that are defined by its charter or laws of state of incorporation.
  2. The term has a broad application and includes not only acts prohibited by a charter, but acts that are in excess of powers granted and not prohibited, and generally applied either when a corporation has no power whatever to do an act or when the corporation has the power but exercises it.
  3. An act is ultra vires when a corporation is without authority to perform it under any circumstances or for any purpose.
  4. An ultra vires act of a municipality is one that is beyond the powers conferred upon it by law.
Umbrae enim trausitus est tempus nostrum.
Our time is a very shadow that passeth away.

Apocrypha: Wisdom of Solomon (c. 100 B.C.)

unguentum; ung.

A medical term used in prescriptions.

Unitas, veritas, caritas.
Unity, truth, charity.

Motto of the Union Theological Seminary, New York, New York, USA.

Uniti progrediemur.
United we shall go forward.

Motto of Gabon Republic.

Uno avulso, non deficit alter.
Translation: "When one is torn away, another is not wanted."

Motto of the Kingdom of Austria.

unum post aliud
One after the other.

One thing at a time.

urbi et orbi
To the city [Rome] and the world.

A papal statement or pronouncement made in behalf of the Roman Catholic Church. This is also the motto of Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York, USA.; but it is translated: "For the city and the world."

Ursa Major
In astronomy, the "Great Bear", the most prominent northern constellation, containing the seven stars that form the Big Dipper.
Ursa Minor
The "Little Bear", the constellation nearest the north pole. It contains the north star, or polestar, which is situated in the extremity of the tail.
ut dictum; ut dict.; u.d. (Latin terms)
Translation: "As directed."
ut infra; u.i.
As below.

As cited below.

Ut omnes te cognoscant.
So that all may know you.

Motto of Niagara University, Niagara Falls, New York, USA.

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