calli-, cali-, callo-, calo-, kalli-, kali-, kalo-, kaleido-

(Greek: kalos, beautiful)

kaleidoscopic (adjective), more kaleidoscopic, most kaleidoscopic
Descriptive of a device that exhibits brightly colored and continually varying figures.
kaleidoscopical (adjective), more kaleidoscopical, most kaleidoscopical
A reference to a complex, colorful, and shifting patterns or scenes.
kaleidoscopically (adverb), more kaleidoscopically, most kaleidoscopically
1. A description of a tube of mirrors containing loose colored beads, or pieces of glass, etc. which can be rotated to produce a succession of symmetrically designed designs: Erin was able to kaleidoscopically construct a large device that let people look into one end of a tube and see the colorful patterns that resulted from the pieces of glass that were in the cylinder.
2. Etymology: derived from the Ancient Greek kalos, "beautiful, beauty" + eidos, "the form or shape that is seen" + skope?, "to look to, to examine" resulting in "an observer of beautiful forms".
kalogram (s) (noun), kalograms (pl)
A monogram, two or more letters, that includes a person's name instead of just presenting initials.
kalon (s) (noun) (no plural form)
A kind of beauty that is considered to be more than skin deep: Kalon is the ideal of physical or moral beauty; especially, as perceived by Greek philosophers.
kalopsia (s) (noun), kalopsias (pl)
A condition, or a delusion, that things appear to be more beautiful than they really are.