Latin Proverbs, Mottoes, Phrases, and Words: Group J

(classical-language maxims, slogans, adages, proverbs, and words of wisdom that can still capture our modern imagination)

Expressions of general truths: Latin to English maxims, proverbs, and mottoes

Word entries are from Latin unless otherwise indicated.

Jacta alea est!
The die is cast!

Said to be the words uttered by Julius Caesar when he crossed the Rubicon River. See Alea jacta est! for additional details.

Jesus Christus esto mihi.
Let Jesus Christ be mine.

Motto of Christ College, Australia.

Joannes est nomen ejus.
John is his name.

Motto of the Territory of Puerto Rico.

Jurum Doctor; J.D.
Doctor of Laws.
Juste et clementer.
Latin Translation: "With justice and clemency."

Motto of Johann Georg, Elector of Brandenburg (1525-1598)

Justitia Omnibus.
Justice to all.

Motto of Washington, District of Columbia, U.S.A. Also written in Latin as: Justicia omnibus.

Justitia stabilitur thronus.
By justice is the throne upheld.

Motto of Friedrich, Count of the Palatinate of Vohenstrauss (1557-1597).

Justitiae tenax.
Persevering in justice.

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