calci-, calc-, calcane-, calcio-, calco-, calcar-, calx

(Latin: lime, calcium; heel, bone of the tarsus; to tread; derived from calx, calcis, "limestone, lime, pebble"; from Greek words halix and psephos, "small stone, pebble".)

A capite ad calcem. (Latin phrase)
Translation: "From head to heel; thoroughly."

Equivalent to "from top to bottom".

1. The inability to work with numbers.
2. A form of aphasia characterized by the inability to perform mathematical calculations.
3. The inability or loss of the ability to perform arithmetic operations.
calcaneal (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the heel bone, or calcaneus: During the P.E. lessons at school, Jack hurt the calcaneal part of his foot, the largest tarsal bone shaping the heel in his left foot.
An affection of the posterior part of the calcaneus marked by pain at the point of insertion of the Achilles tendon, with swelling of the soft parts.
calcaneodynia, calcodynia (s) (noun); calcaneodynias; calcodynias (pl)
Outdated, a painful heel: There are various reasons for calcaneodynia including obesity, an injury, an abnormal walking style, and ill-fitting shoes.
calcanodynia (s) (noun), calcanodynias /pl)
Pain in the heel when standing or walking: The elderly Mrs. Hathaway wanted to sit a lot during the day because she suffered from a condition of calcanodynia, so she ordered meals to be delivered to her home so she wouldn't have to stand in the kitchen to prepare them!