calci-, calc-, calcane-, calcio-, calco-, calcar-, calx

(Latin: lime, calcium; heel, bone of the tarsus; to tread; derived from calx, calcis, "limestone, lime, pebble"; from Greek words halix and psephos, "small stone, pebble".)

Pseudogout; chronic recurrent arthritis clinically similar to gout. The crystals found in the synovial fluid are calcium pyrophosphate dihydreate and not urate crystals. The most commonly involved joint is the knee.
decalcify (verb), decalcifies; decalcified; decalcifing
To remove calcium or calcium compounds from bones or teeth.
incalculable (adjective), more incalculable, most incalculable
1. Referring to an individual's character or mood that cannot be predicted: Jim was a bit incalculable when he had drunk one glass of wine and more incalculable when he was drunk and it was difficult to foretell what his behavior would be like.
2. Pertaining to something too great to be estimated (not comparable): When the villa burned down, the costs for rebuilding it were incalculable and could not even be assessed.
3. Inconceivable to compute by mathematics (not comparable): The assignment that Judy had to do for geometry was totally incalculable and she told her teacher the next day.
inculcate (in KUHL kate") (verb), inculcates; inculcated; inculcating
1. To fix something firmly in person's mind by frequent and forceful repetitions: Peter's parents were inculcating him with a sense of responsibility for his behavior and his future career as a medical doctor.

The teacher's in Karen's school often inculcated their student's with a sense of responsibility for achieving the best education possible.

2. Etymology: from Latin inculcat, "pressed in"; from the verb inculcare, "to force upon, to stamp in; from in-, "in, into" + calcare, "to tread, to press in" from calx, calc-, "heel".
To impress in the mind by repetition or persistent urging.
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To teach by frequent repetitions or admonitions.
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inculcation (s) (noun), inculcations (pl)
inculcator (in KUHL kaytur) (s) (noun), inculcators (pl)
mediacalcosis (s) (noun), mediacalcoses (pl)
A thickening and loss of elasticity of the walls of the arteries of the blood; especially, but not exclusively, muscular ones as a result of calcification.
miscalculate, miscalculates, miscalculating, miscalculated (verb forms)
1. To judge or to evaluate someone or something incorrectly, or to form false expectations as to the consequences of an action.
2. To make a wrong judgment about what will happen or what to do in a situation.
3. To count or to estimate something incorrectly.
4. Etymology: from mis-, "bad, wrong" + calculate, "to compute, to estimate by mathematical means; from Latin calculatus, calculare, "to reckon, to compute," from calculus, "reckoning, account"; originally, "pebble used as a reckoning counter" from calx, calcis, "limestone".
1. A counting or estimating something incorrectly.
2. An incorrect or mistaken calculation; such as, an expectation based on circumstances.
ophicalcite (s) (noun), ophicalcites (pl)
Crystalline limestone or marble spotted with greenish serpentine designs.
plumbocalcite (noun)
A variety of calcite containing a small amount of lead carbonate.
1. A person who is unwilling to obey orders or to do what should be done; or an animal that refuses to be controlled.
2. Being obstinately defiant of authority or of being restrained in any way; being unmanageable.
recalcitrant (adjective), more recalcitrant, most recalcitrant
1. Marked by stubborn resistance to and defiance of authority or guidance: A recalcitrant person is someone who is not obedient or compliant with anyone who tries to control him or her.
2. Etymology: from Latin recalcitrantem; literally, "kicking back", past participle of recalcitrare, "to kick back"; from re-, "back" + calcitrare, "to kick."

Being "stubborn as a mule" is just one good example of being recalcitrant.

A reference to resisting authority.
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Relating to being rebellious.
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Characteristic of defying authority.
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