Latin Proverbs, Mottoes, Phrases, and Words: Group F

(classical-language maxims, slogans, adages, proverbs, and words of wisdom that can still capture our modern imagination)

Expressions of general truths: Latin to English maxims, proverbs, and mottoes

Word entries are from Latin unless otherwise indicated.

Fiat justitia.
Let justice be done.
Fiat justitia, pereat mundus. (Latin motto)
Translation: "Justice must prevail even if the world must perish over it."

Motto of German Emperor Ferdinand I (1556-1564).

Fiat justitia, ruat coelum.
Let justice be done, though the heavens should fall in ruins.
Fiat lux.
Let there be light.

As seen in the Vulgate, Genesis, I, 3. Motto of Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, USA; and Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA.

Fiat pax fiat justitia.
Let peace be made, justice be done.
Fide et literis. (Latin motto)
Translation: "By faith and by letters."

Motto of St. Paul's School, London, U.K.

Fidelitas, veritas, integritas. (Latin motto)
Translation: "Fidelity, truth, integrity."

Motto of Salmon P. Chase College of Law of Northtern Kentucky University, Covington, Kentucky, USA.

Fides et justitia. (Latin motto)
Translation: "Faith and justice."
Fides lumen praebeat. (Latin motto)
Translation: "May faith grant light."

Motto of St. Gregory's College, Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA.


A trustee of a trust or the executive administrator of a will.

Finis coronat opus. (Latin statement)
Translation: "The end crowns the work."

A reference to the completion of a major project in which someone rejoices in its final accomplishment.

Firmus maneo.
I remain steadfast.

A motto of perseverance and steadfastness.

The Roman goddess of flowers from which we get terms for flowers.

Flora was especially associated with Spring. Her festivals, the Floralia, were from April 28-May 3.

The term Flora also refers to native plants of a region.

Floreat Domus.
May this house flourish.

Motto of Queen's College, a college in the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

Floreat Etona.
May Eton florish.

Motto of Eton College, U.K.

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