Quotes: Quotations Units

(significant quotations about various topics)

Quotes: Statistics
Manipulated data used for arguments or political maneuvering: statistical quotations.
Quotes: Success
A situation where the IQ is not as important as the I will: success quotes.
Quotes: Thoughts, Thinking
Notions that need motions: thought quotes.
Quotes: Time
A process by which nature prevents everything from happening all at once: time quotes.
Quotes: Truth
Not having to remember what was said before: truth quotes.
Quotes: Understanding, Misunderstanding
A person's business here on earth is to know for the sake of understanding.
Quotes: United States
A nation that utilizes automation and technology, but which is depending more and more on outsourcing to other nations for the experts in those areas: United States quotes.
Quotes: Urbanization, Suburbia
Residential areas that have been connected to each other during rush hours by long traffic jams: urbanization quotes.
Quotes: Vengeance, Revenge
Revenge may be sweet except for the one on the receiving end: vengeance quotes.
Quotes: Vocabulary
A pleasure that comes with an abundance of words: vocabulary quotes.
Quotes: War
A time when there is less pax and more tax: war quotes.
Quotes: Wisdom
Utilizing common sense to an uncommon degree: wisdom quotes.
Quotes: Woman, Women
A female who is either a hit or a miss: woman quotes.
Quotes: Word Usage
Ignorance of word meanings is no excuse for continuing such ignorance: word-usage quotes.
Quotes: Word, Words, Part 1
The medium of exchange for thoughts and ideas between people: word quotes.