Quotes: Quotations Units

(significant quotations about various topics)

Quotes: Malaprops, Malapropisms
Speaking a foreign language in English: malaprop quotes.
Quotes: Marriage
Pitching and tossing on the sea of matrimony: marriage quotes.
Quotes: Medicine, Medical
Keeping patients involved while nature cures their illnesses: medical quotes.
Quotes: Money
The only thing that keeps your credit card in good standing: money quotes.
Quotes: Mosquito, Mosquitoes
The original skin diver: mosquito quotes.
Quotes: Nature, Biology
The science of the living world: nature quotes.
Quotes: Non sequitur
Logical fallacy: non sequitur quotes.
Quotes: Old Age
That age when people prefer siestas to fiestas: old age quotes.
Quotes: On-Line
Internet sources: on-line quotes.
Quotes: Overpopulation
The birthquake of modern times: overpopulation quotes.
Quotes: Patience
The most important trait to cultivate if you are always punctual: patience quotes.
Quotes: Peace, Peaceful
An interval of confusion between wars: peace quotes.
Quotes: Perseverence, Persistence
Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there: perseverence quotes.
Quotes: Plagiarism
Research of ideas or writings from other sources and making them worse—or better: plagiarism quotes.
Quotes: Poetry to Stimulate Thinking
Stimulating thinking: poetry quotes.