Quotes: Quotations Units

(significant quotations about various topics)

Quotes: Eating, Food
The consumption of edibles: eating quotes.
Quotes: Education
What happens after graduation from school, college, or other institution: education quotes.
Quotes: Egotism, Self-Centered
An I specialist with self-admiration which lets off esteem: egotism quotes.
Quotes: Empathy, Sympathy
A quality that's never wasted except when given to oneself: empathy, sympathy quotes.
Quotes: English Language
A tool that sometimes expresses thought, sometimes obscures thought, and too often replaces thought: English language quotes.
Quotes: Epitaphs
Statements that lie above about those who lie below: epitaph quotes.
Quotes: Etymology, Etymologies
Word origins and affixes: etymological quotes.
Quotes: Experience
Recognizing repetitious mistakes: experience quotes.
Quotes: Faults, Mistakes
What lawyers get paid for and what doctors bury: mistake quotes.
Quotes: Fear, Fright
Sometimes an unexplainable panic and sometimes a justified reaction: fear, fright quotes.
Quotes: Generosity, Benevolence, Altruism
Worthy traits to have within ourselves: generosity, altruism quotes.
Quotes: Government
A political system that operates on a deficit and continues to print more and more money: government quotes.
Quotes: Grammar
Grammarians should be aware: grammar quotes.
Quotes: Health
What youths rarely think about and what elders are constantly reminded of: health quotes.
Quotes: History
Making guesses about things that can not be verified: history quotes.