vicini-, vicin-

(Latin: neighborhood, neighbor, near by, close; surrounding district)

From vicinus, vicinitas "near, neighboring"; from vicus, "village, district, hamlet".

Deo, regi, vicino. (Latin proverb)
Translation: "To God, my king, my neighbor."
in the vicinity of (s) (noun), in the vicinities of (pl)
1. The area near some particular place: Janet used to live in the vicinity of the Los Angeles Airport in California, but she moved because it was much too noisy!
2. Used before a number to indicate that an amount is not exact, but approximate: The current population of that city is in the vicinity of 10,000.
venue (s) (noun), venues (pl)
1. A location where an event takes place, such as a sports competition or a concert: This particular meaning of venue refers to the place where happenings are often held and originates from Latin venio, through French, "a coming".
2. A site in which a crime takes place or a cause of action arises, as well as a statement that a case is being brought to the proper court or authority: A "change of venue" is a substitution of another place for a trial, as when the jury or court might be prejudiced for or against a defendant.
3. Etymology: This second venue literally means, "neighborhood" and it comes from Latin vicinus, "neighboring, near" which is from another Latin form, vicus, meaning "district, village".
vicinage (s) (noun), vicinages (pl)
1. A number of localities situated near each other and considered as a group: The city and its suburbs are vicinages to each other.
2. The residents of a particular neighborhood: Shawna and Ronnie moved to a vicinage so they could be near their relatives.
vicinal (adjective), more vicinal, most vicinal
Near, adjoining, or restricted to a limited nearby area: Jacob's vicinal residence is close to the school that his son is attending.
vicinism (s) (noun), vicinisms (pl)
1. A natural cross-pollination between two species or two varieties of nearby plants: Vicinisms take place when the pollen of certain flowers are shared with neighboring flowers.
2. Variations under the influence of neighbors: The vicinism of Jorge and Effie was changed from being suspicious to trusting when their neighbors took care of the couple's house and yard while they were in hospital after the car accident.
vicinist (s) (noun), vicinists (pl)
A person (or people) who is a member of the same community as someone else or as other people are: Tom and Trish were vicinists who lived in a well-to-do district or vicinity with other members of their families and friends.
vicinity (s) (noun), vicinities (pl)
A locality, an adjoining region, or a close area: Kyle was told that the store that he is looking for is in the vicinity of Main and 5th Street.