bucco-, bucc-, bucca-, bucci-

(Latin: cheek; the inner or outer sides of the mouth and the face)

bathybuccal (adjective), more bathybuccal, most bathybuccal
A reference to the depth of the mouth: The lower teeth and tongue are the most bathybuccal areas of opening of the cavity that is part of the face.
bucca (s) (noun), buccae (pl)
The cheek or cheeks.
buccal (adjective), more buccal, most buccal
Relating to or referring to the direction towards the cheek or the mouth.
buccal cavity (s) (noun), buccal cavities (pl)
The area between the inside of the cheek, the teeth, and the gums.
buccocervical (adjective), more buccocervica, most buccocervica
A reference to the cheek and the neck.
buccoclination (s) (noun), buccoclinations (pl)
The bending of a tooth in the direction of the side of the mouth.
buccoclusion (s) (noun), buccoclusions (pl)
A malocclusion (bad contacts of surfaces) in which the dental arch or the quadrant of a dental arch or group of teeth is positioned closer to the cheek than normal.
buccofacial (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to the outer surface of the cheek or a combination of the side of the face and the mouth of a person's head. Before Lynn's tooth was extracted, the dentist injected an anaesthetic which caused the buccofacial area around her mouth to be quite swollen!
buccogingival (adjective), more buccogingival, most buccogingival
Pertaining to the internal mouth structures; especially the cheeks and the gums.
buccoglossopharyngitis (s) (noun), buccoglossopharyngitises (pl)
Inflammation involving the cheek, tongue, and pharynx.
buccolabial (adjective) (not comparable)
In dentistry, relating to the cheek and the lip: Mary's mouth hurt her and was infected, and the dentist told her that this buccolabial disorder pertained to her inner cheek and to the inner lip surface.
buccolingual (adjective), more buccolingual, most buccolingual
1. Relating to the check and the tongue: In dentistry, referring to that aspect of the dental arch or those surfaces of the teeth that are in contact with the mucosa or tissue of the lip or cheek and the tongue.
2. Referring to the buccal (cheek) and lingual (tongue) surfaces of a tooth at the back of the mouth.
buccolingually (adverb)
Descriptive of something that is in the direction from the cheek toward the tongue.
bucconasal (adjective), more bucconasal, most bucconasal
Relating to the cavity of the mouth and the nose or nasal area.
bucconasopharyngeal (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to the buccal and the nasal areas and the pharynx: Sam learned in medical school that the bucconasopharyngeal is the membrane-lined cavity behind the nose and mouth connecting them to the esophagus or the alimentary canal that connects the throat to the stomach.