(Latin: suffix; forming nouns and verbs; an action done; the product of or a result of some kind of material or a process of doing something)

accolade (s) (noun), accolades (pl)
1. An expression of approval; praise; an honor, or laudatory notice: The novel received accolades from various reviewers including positive and critics.
2. A special acknowledgment; an award: Mack was very pleased with the accolade which he received at the university when he received the honorary degree. 3. A ceremonial bestowal of knighthood; a light touch on the shoulder with the flat side of the sword or formerly by an embrace, done during the ceremony of conferring knighthood: The squire knelt before the king and received an accolade, rising as a knight, Sir William Belt.
4. Etymology: from French, acolada from Vulgar Latin accollare, from Latin ad-, "to" plus collum, "neck".

The original sense is of an embrace around the neck or the tapping of a sword on the shoulders to confer knighthood; then the extended meaning became "praise, award".

Recognition of special merit or a reward.
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aquacade (s) (noun), aquacades (pl)
1. An elaborate entertainment spectacle of swimmers and divers, often performing in unison to the accompaniment of music.
2. Etymology: from Latin aqua- + -cade, from Latin cavalcade.

Literally, "a procession on horseback", in the twentieth century, -cade came to be regarded as a suffix and taken to form such words as, motorcade, aquacade, etc.

arcade (s) (noun), arcades (pl)
1. An arched, roofed building or part of a building.
2. A series of arches supported by columns, piers, or pillars.
3. A roofed passage way or lane, especially one with shops on either side.
4. A commercial establishment featuring rows of coin-operated games.
cannonade (s) (noun); cannonades (pl)
The firing of artillery in a great amounts for a length of time.
cascade (s) (noun), cascades (pl)
1. A waterfall or several waterfalls that go over rocks: "The tourists were enjoying watching the cascades of the stream flowing over the stones."
2. A big amount of something that hangs down: "Marge had a cascade of blond hair falling down her back."
3. Something that is falling in a progressive manner or a series of fast steps: "The decision of the government officials set off a cascade of negative responses by the general public."

"Jason watched as the religious pilgrims climbed on their knees up the cascade of stairs to the cathedral."

cascade (verb), cascades; cascaded; cascading
1. To flow down or to hang down in large quantities: "When Lina heard that her sister died, her tears cascaded down her cheeks."

"Helena's dark hair cascaded down her back all the way to her waist."

2. To move on to others through the years: "The poverty of past generations of the country has cascaded down into the present offspring."
cavalcade (s) (noun), cavalcades (pl)
A series of or a procession or act of things or people moving forward; especially, a spectacular or dramatic one: "The actress starred in a cavalcade of Broadway hits."

"The cavalcade of musical bands were participating in a celebration of the New Year."

connonade (verb), connonades; connonaded; connonading
To discharge and to attack with artillery fire at a target.
crusade (s) (noun), crusades (pl)
1. Any of the military expeditions undertaken by European Christians in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims.
2. A holy war undertaken with papal sanction.
3. A strong movement for a cause or against an abuse.

The Crusades refers to the nine historical European-Christian military expeditions to the Muslim-controlled Holy Land. The term "crusaders" refers or those taking part in those campaigns.

In English, the term "crusade" has come to refer to any type of campaign that is conducted with an emphasis on zeal and persistence. Even in these days, it may refer to a contemporary attack against Islam, whether perceived or real, asserted to be of similar nature or basis as the historic Crusades.

crusade (verb), crusades; crusaded; crusading
An action to promote something or to eliminate that which is considered to be wrong.
decade (s) (noun), decades (pl)
1. A period of ten years; especially, one beginning with a year that ends in a "0", for example 2000 through 2999: "One hundred years is equal to ten decades and one decade is equal to ten years."
2. A group, set, or series of ten.