fulg-; fulmi-

(Latin: to shine, to flash, to glow, to burn; fulmi-, lightning, thunder forth, denounce; related to fulg-)

refulgence (s) (noun), refulgences (pl)
The quality of being bright and sending out rays of light; brilliancy; radiance.
refulgency (s) (noun), refulgencies (pl)
That which is bright and sends out rays of light.
refulgent (ri FOOL juhnt, ri FUL juhnt) (adjective), more refulgent, most refulgent
1. Conveying radiant or beaming lights that are brilliant and shining: Crystal chandeliers and gilded walls made the opera house a refulgent setting for the concert.
2. Characteristic of something which is gleaming, resplendent and radiant: Bobby and Rosetta were admiring the refulgent moon in the beautiful night sky.
3. Etymology: from Latin: refulgere, "to shine brightly".
Splendid attire or chothes.
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Etymologically related "light, shine, glow" word families: ethero-; luco-; lumen-, lum-; luna, luni-; lustr-; phengo-; pheno-; phospho-; photo-; scinti-, scintill-; splendo-.

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly, indirectly, or partly to: "fire, burn, glow, or ashes": ars-, ard-; -bust; cand-, cend-; caust-, caut-; crema-; ciner-; ether-; flagr-; flam-; focus, foci-; gehenna-; ign-; phleg-; phlog-; pyreto-, -pyrexia; pyr-; spod- (ashes; waste); volcan-.