bryo-, bry-

(Greek: moss; blossom; also to swell, teem; young one; to be full, swell, bloom, cause to burst forth)

Embryo in medical Latin from Greek, refers to "a new-born lamb; fetus;" literally, "that which grows in the body".

The surgical removal or excision of the embryo in an extrauterine pregnancy.

A extrauterine pregnancy refers to condition outside the uterus or the womb which is the opposite of intrauterine or inside the uterus.

"Normal pregnancies" are intrauterine while extrauterine pregnancies can occur in the uterine tube or abdominal cavity and are described as abnormal.

embryo (s) (noun), embryos (pl)
The study of the development of an organism from the zygote, or a fertilized egg (the cell resulting from the union of an ovum and a spermatozoon; including the organism that develops from that cell).