bronto-, bront-

(Greek: thunder)

Brontosaurus, Brontosaur
This "thunder lizard" nomenclature is no longer recognized by scientists because they found that it described an animal that was previously given another name which is Apatosaurus.
brontothere, brontotherium
An extinct genus of ungulate mammals, having affinities to the elephant and also to the tapir.
An extinct suborder of large, rhinoceros-like mammals (Perissodactyla) that flourished during the Eocene and the Oligocene periods; limbs were short and massive, teeth primitive, skull long and low with small braincase. This order includes brontotheres and titanotheres.

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly or indirectly, to: "lightning and/or thunder": astrapo-; cerauno-, kerauno-; fulgur-; tonitro-, tonitru-.