broncho-, bronch-, bronchi-, bronchio-

(Greek: windpipe or one of the two large branches of the trachea, the tube in air-breathing vertebrates that conducts air from the throat to the bronchi, strengthened by incomplete rings of cartilage)

Bronchial inflammation or obstruction caused by broncholiths.
Degeneration (softening) of elastic and connective tissue of bronchi and trachea.
bronchopathy (s) (noun), bronchopathies (pl)
A diseased condition of the bronchi: Bronchopathy concerns the vital air passages of the lungs.
bronchophony, bronchophonies
1. The sound of the voice heard through the stethoscope over a healthy bronchus and over other portions of the chest in cases of lung consolidation of tissue.
2. The sound of the voice heard in the bronchi by means of the stethoscope; especially, the increased vocal resonance heard in certain diseased conditions of the lungs, imitating the voice-sound heard over the healthy bronchi.
Excessive secretion of mucus from the bronchial mucous membrane.
1. A thin, flexible instrument used to view the air passages of the lung.
2. An endoscope especially designed for passage through the trachea to permit inspection of the interior of the tracheobronchial tree and carrying out endobronchial diagnostic and therapeutic maneuvers; such as, taking specimens for culture and biopsy and removing foreign bodies.
1. Relating to an instrument for examining the interior of the bronchi.
2. A reference to a flexible tubular instrument that is inserted into the trachea for diagnosis and for removing inhaled objects.
1. A procedure that permits a doctor to see the breathing passages through a lighted tube.
2. An examination used for inspection of the interior of the tracheo-bronchial tree, performance of endobronchial diagnostic tests, taking of specimens for biopsy and culture, and removal of foreign bodies.
bronchospirochetosis (haemorrhagic bronchitis)
Chronic bronchitis due to infection with spirochetes (though other bacteria are usually present and contribute to the infection) and characterised by cough and bloody sputum.
bronchospirography (s) (noun, bronchospirographies (pl)
Use of a single lumen endobronchial tube for measuring the breathing function of each area of the lung: The most accurate and practical means of estimating pulmonary functions is by using the methods of bronchospirography.