broncho-, bronch-, bronchi-, bronchio-

(Greek: windpipe or one of the two large branches of the trachea, the tube in air-breathing vertebrates that conducts air from the throat to the bronchi, strengthened by incomplete rings of cartilage)

aegobronchophony, egobronchophony (s) (noun); aegobronchophonies; egobronchophonies (pl)
Increased vocal resonance with a high-pitched bleating quality: Aegobronchophony of the transmitted voice is heard particularly by auscultation of the lungs, especially over lung tissue which is compressed by pleural effusion.
bronchial (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to the small bronchi: In medical school, Susan learned about the diseases of the bronchial tubes.
A modification of the voice sounds, by which they are intensified and heightened in pitch; observed in auscultation of the chest in certain cases of intro-thoracic disease.
bronchiospasm, bronchospasm
Spasmodic contraction of the smooth muscle of the bronchi, as that which occurs in asthma.
bronchoalveolar lavage (s) (noun), bronchoalveolar lavages (pl)
A technique for obtining cells from bronchioles and alveoli of the lungs by instillation of sterile fluid through a fiberoptic bronchoscope into a lobe and subsequent removal by suction. The technique may be of diagnostic value or be used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.
1. A radiograph obtained by bronchography (radiography of the bronchial tree after injection of a contrast medium).
2. A radiographic visualization of a bronchus (either of the two main branches of the trachea or the tube-like portion of the breathing or "respiratory" tract that connects the "voice box" (larynx) with the bronchial parts of the lungs).
bronchography (s) (noun, bronchographies (pl)
Radiography of the lungs after instillation of an opaque medium in the bronchi: The bronchography is an X-ray examination in which the branches of the bronchi are made more visible by lining them with an inhaled or injected material that is less visible to X-rays.